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A Walk in a Park

Donate today and support Team Jesaulenko as we take part in A Walk in the Park 2022

The Jesaulenko family is proud to join A Walk in the Park 2022 in support of our Dad Alex, and the wider Parkinson’s community that we’re now part of.

Dad is a courageous – an AFL legend known to so many for the 1970 Grand Final mark that became a catch-cry for taking a ‘specky’- Jes-au-lenko…..you beauty!

But he is also private and this fight is one he doesn’t wish to speak about publicly.

Instead, our family will be joined by a group of Dad’s devoted mates as we show him how much he means to us by walking on Sunday 27 March from Federation Square.

Dad was only diagnosed with Parkinson’s in December, so this is a journey that we are going to learn and walk together.

Our main hope is that Dad’s future is the best that it can be – and you can help contribute to that by supporting Fight Parkinson’s and A Walk in the Park.

So please be part of Team Jesaulenko and donate today and show Dad and all the Australians living with Parkinson’s that they are all legends with a supportive team around them!


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Goran Hemstrom

As kids we all wanted to be Jezza and fly to take ‘Jezza’s’. 25 on my back as a kid and privileged to have met the great man for a fleeting conversation in a lift. A true gentleman. Keep fighting Jezza, we’re right behind you!


Kenneth Mctrusty


Phil Riggio

As a 10 year old in 1970, I showed my appreciation for Alex by constantly wearing a Carlton jumper with ‘25’ on the back. It’s great to be able to do something more tangible, all these years later. Still kicking goals, Alex.


Simon Dodd

Wishing the great man all the very best through the journey. "Jezza" will always be the one soaring to the heavens to take a speky and forever in our hearts...


Tuach Huseyin

Alex and Kate - You are both legends! Kate thanks for your continued support of worthy causes.


Rodney Segal

Hi Kate,I wish your Dear Dad all the very best in his battle with Parkinsons Disease. He will & forever be my all time Carlton Player.He is a true Legend of The Carlton Football Club. Kate,a big Thankyou for all you are doing in supporting your Dear Dad. Much Love to you & your Family. Love Rod Segal.💙💙💙




Greg And Mavis Wells

Best of luck


Stan Amanatidis

Jezza you were my idol as a kid, you are a legend!!


Andrew Hodgson

I am a Pies supporter, but your dad gave us footy fans so many fabulous memories during his career. Unfortunately for us poor Collingwood followers, many of his great performances were against us in finals. Good luck with your fundraising and I wish your Dad well.


Graeme Morrissey

Good on you Kate, you’re a champion like your Dad.


Wayne & Julie Symes

We would love to have been able to come to Melbourne and walk by your side in support of our beautiful family , ‘go team Jesaulenko’


Anna F

Hey Kate. You’re an amazing daughter to your courageous dad. Much love to you and your family. Anna


John Wise

In memory of my brother Kevin Wise and in honour of Alex "Jezza" Jeasaulenko 2 of my heroes in life


Donald Hartwig

Loved watching you play for the Blues.Good luck Alex, you are a Beauty!


Stewart James Anderson

The team that never lets you down!! Up the baggers ❤️❤️ YOU BEAUTYYY!!!


Anthony De Bolfo


John Hall

You beauty.


Raffaela (faye) Petruccelli

Alex & kate hoping to be walking with you on 27th March with all our Carlton family and friends. Xx


Michael Hyett

Alex gave me so much enjoyment watching him play it's the least I can do.My father had this disease also.Cheers Kate best wishes


Neil Chandler


Libby Nelson

Thank you for supporting such a worth while cause to take a step closer to finding a cure.


Brian Jansse

What a legend he is ....my heart goes out to you and the family Much Love Brian


Shane Towers

My hero! Never met him but would do anything for him!


Adrian Toynton

In memory of Jexxy, you beauty!


Jude Michaels

Kate, you’re a Champion just like the Champion ‘Jezza’ your Dad was and still is! Blessings to you all and I look forward to being there in support of Jezza and for all Parkinson’s people!🙏💙


Christine Anderson

Parkinson's is a bummer and we are pleased to have people willing to champion our cause. Public knowledge is limited and we need them to know that every effort is exhausting, that conversations are hard work and we will cry if you look at us. But we still have love to give and we find joy in little things. So let's do what we can and fight Parkinson's together.


Michelle Kelly

I hope you rise a lot of money for Parkinson


Tony Curtis

Kate & Alex, Blessings to you both and to your extended family. Kate, you are an absolute legend in organising this. I'll be there on 27 March. Tony in Warrnambool.


Bradley Burke

My idol always will be part of life


Nick Hansen

Had the pleasure of meeting your dad while he was coaching Coburg in the VFL. I was writing footy for the local paper the Coburg Courier. Might have been a letdown coaching such battlers but it provided this long-time Carlton follower with the prized opportunity of meeting a legend. He also signed a copy of a photo of the famous 1970 mark- an original print taken by Truth photographer Alan Funnell. I got it from a friend of mum's who worked at Truth. Talking of my late mum she absolutely loved your dad and would hope he would be okay.


Chris Burgess


Paul And Olivia Symes

Sending our love to you all. We are behind Team Jesaulenko. 💙