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A Walk in a Park 2023

Support me as I take part in A Walk in the Park 2023

I will be taking part in the 2023 'A Walk in the Park' on Sunday 26th March. My Dad had Parkinson's, I battle with Parkinson's and now my sister has been diagnosed as well. Donations provide support services to help those living with Parkinson's; services which we have very much appreciated. 

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A Walk in the Park

Wednesday 22nd Mar
Parkinson's disease is a bummer. Everyday tasks become more challenging, and it is not just the physical effort that is exhausting but the emotional side as well. I grieve as I try to do something that I used to do naturally, and it just doesn't happen. 
My Dad had Parkinson's and I felt sorry for him but I don't feel sorry for me. I think that perfect health is overrated. There is still a great deal I can do. I prefer to focus on those aspects rather than the things I can't do. I want the public to be more aware of Parkinson's and hence my support for 'Lift the Lid off Parkinson's'.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Iain & Jenny Nixon

You're an inspiration!


Murray Marke

Thank you Christine for all that you do. My family is affected by Parkinson's and we appreciate your efforts.


Christine Anderson


Fitness Friends

Christine: You are an inspiration. From all your Fitness Friends.


Hugh Smith

Thank you for all you do Christine


Heather Parkinson

Doing a fabulous job Christine. Keep it up.


Geoffrey Forryan

Christine, we appreciate all that you do for those with Parkinson's.