A Walk in the Park 2024

A Walk in the Park brings together thousands of people, including those living with Parkinson’s, family and friends. The event creates a sense of belonging, uniting thousands of people who understand and support each other. 

This year we're showing strength in numbers

The Parkinson's community is stronger when united, and we're calling on you to be a part of it. 

Now is the moment for our resilient community to showcase their collective strength and raise awareness like never before. Mobilise your team, register for the event and receive a free t-shirt!

How to Get Started



Join the Parkinson's community and register now to walk on Sunday April 21st, 2024 with your family and friends



Fundraise to help us better support people living with Parkinson's


Walk for Parkinsons

Come on the day or go for a walk in your local area, as we bring our Parkinson's community back together

Impact of Support

Signing up to walk and fundraise has a major impact on the Parkinson’s community. Your support allows Fight Parkinson’s to continue to deliver the most comprehensive and advanced information, education, and support programs that empower people living with Parkinson’s and people living with Atypical Parkinson’s to get the most out of their lives.

Living with Parkinson’s as it progresses is a fight. With your support and through our work, we can continue to fight to realise possibilities for people living with Parkinson’s.

$1K Club

We love to reward our fundraisers and this year you can join our exclusive $1K club by raising $1000. You will enjoy some amazing benefits including:

  • $1K club AWITP Blue t-shirt – stand out in the crowd
  • Fight Parkinson’s drink bottle
  • Fight Parkinson’s cap
  • VIP experience on the day

Once you have registered and created your online fundraising page share it will your family and friends and ask them to donate.


This year we have a fantastic new range of merchandise for you to wear and love and to share with your friends and family. Everyone who registers gets a t-shirt but you can also receive great other items by reaching the following fundraising targets:

  • Raise $500 and receive a Fight Parkinson's cap and drink bottle
  • Raise $1000 to receive them all plus your blue $1K club t-shirt, plus a VIP experience on the day

White t-shirts, caps and drinks bottle can also be purchased at our online store.

$111,121 raised

$200,000 Goal

$111,121 raised

$200,000 Goal

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