Find a regional walk near you

If you live in a regional or rural area, this is your chance to be part of a meaningful day of connection and support.

This year, we want to unite as much of our Parkinson’s community as possible. If you can't make it to Federation Square or if you would prefer to walk in your local area, regional walks are a great way to get involved and provide strength in numbers.

Regional A Walk in the Parks are organised by Fight Parkinson's Peer Support Groups and community members across Victoria. Each regional walk is unique in its location and activities, but they all contribute to a shared cause. Together, we can ensure that vital information and support are available for people who need it most.

By participating in a local walk and asking other people to join you, you are sending a message of solidarity and support that extends to the whole Parkinson’s community. By doing so, you can also help raise awareness and educate those who may not be familiar with the realities of living with Parkinson's.

Upcoming regional walks

Location Date Information
Wodonga 13th October
Warrnambool TBC
Echuca Thursday 11 April Free entry - Casual walk with local Peer Support Group - contact Fight Parkinson's for more information
Bairnsdale / Lakes Entrance

Sunday 21 April

Time 10:30am
Location- Start and finish at Footbridge


Sunday 21 April

Karkarook Park in Heatherton

Sunday 21 April

Free registration, Hastings Foreshore


Friday 26 April

Lake View Café 
1 Fyans St COLAC, 3250
Time: 10:30am - 12pm
Morning Tea

Swan Hill

Sunday 28 April

10:30am start, free entry, location is Riverside Park

Geelong Sunday 5 May Eastern Park Geelong. Register online at 

For any infomration regarding any of the regional and local walks,  please contact the Fundraising Team on 03 8809 0400 or via email at

A Walk in the Park Geelong

A Walk in the Park Mildura

A Walk in the Park Warrnambool

A Walk in the Park Wodonga