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A Walk in a Park

A Walk in the Park 2022: I'll be Stepping Out for Parkinson's

I'm strutting my stuff in the 2022 A Walk in the Park for Fight Parkinson's.  It's on Sunday 27 March and I'd really welcome your support.

You can join me on the day by becoming part of team MOVERS, SHAKERS & SHUFFLERS as a participant, crew member and donor/sponsor.

Your donation will help those living with Parkinson's get the valuable support they need to live a full life.

I'd never considered myself a likely candidate for PD (or for the Big C, either, for that matter). It was always someone else. Then it was my turn to hear the words no one wants to hear: "You've got ... . That was December 2016.

Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological condition that affects people from all walks of life. It's quite common: approximately 100,000 Australians live with Parkinson’s, including over 27,000 Victorians.

Like all of us, I know life's destination. Unlike many of you, the road map of how I'm going to get there has a bit more detail.

Along the way and as "things" progress, I'm going to need support. Your donation will help me, or someone else you know with the shakes, and others in greater need, to get that support.

Thanks for considering, thanks for committing.


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Monday 28th Mar
Inspired by your support and your generosity, Team Shakin' & Dan made it to the finish line of the 4 KM walk.

Once again it was a good feeling to be a small part of a much bigger group of Parkinson's People. The feeling of solidarity and common purpose in the face of the silent enemy.

Satisfying, also, to know that I haven't lost the ability to get in the zone and keep on shuffling.

Meanwhile, the clock ticks.

See you next year.

Living with Parkinson's

Saturday 26th Mar

Parkinson’s Disease is much more than a tremor, a shuffling gait, or body rigidity. PD is a progressive neurological disorder with many common non-motor symptoms that manifest themselves differently between individuals. There’s no cure.

Parkinson’s People (we’re not sufferers) don’t fight the condition, they live with it. Living with PD is about managing symptoms to achieve the best possible quality of life. Drugs don’t rebuild brain cells, nor do they restore the ability to distinguish between Grange Hermitage and Wynn’s cask red.

Living with PD means acknowledging that Parkinson’s is a life sentence, not a death sentence.

Parkinson’s People and their families can’t do it on their own. Fight Parkinson’s provides the ongoing support that Parkinson’s People and their families need on what can be a long and challenging journey.

From Dan, and me, and all the other Parkinson’s People, thank you for donating.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Chris Tognon

From Togs. Good luck. Coming through Seymour on Wed 30th on route to Melbourne. Will call in next cuppla days. Cheers


Rod Stebbing

Hey Dazza, the boys asked me to send you this amount in support. Take care mate, chat soon.


Peter And Allyson Lees

We send our good wishes, hope the weather is favourable!!


Jeffrey Jones

Best wishes with your walk Darryl!


Colin Macleod-smith

Always in your corner, mate. Fight the good fight. Cheers X


Ron Harwood

Good on you Dazza. I'll do my best to walk as well but up here where it's warmer.


Rebecca Ford

Go you good thing!! Love you Dags!


Gerard And Sandra O'sullivan

All the best for the walk Darryl and Cathy xoxo


Wayne Salt

Hi mate, Happy to donate $100.00. I'll send a message to your home email. Regards Salty


Parker Boundy


Elise Pauligk

Go Dazzler!


Wayne Phillips

Walking with you in spirit Darryl!


Jenny & Darrell

All the best for Sunday, sorry we can’t be with you


Darryl Mcinerney


Phil Jarvis

Good luck on your walk. Phil


Kathryn Hutchins

Would love to see you strut your stuff..🚶‍♂️


Bob & Carol Mitchell

Go Daryl, we know you will do really well!